PENN BROADBAND provides service in portions of Susquehanna and Wayne Counties, call to see if coverage is available in your area

Frequently Asked Questions

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Check to make sure all the wires are properly connected, and the power supply is plugged in and operational.  Also, you may try restarting your computer or router.  If the problem persists, please call tech support at:  1-888-785-4595.

No, your Internet service will not work during a power outage unless your home is equipped with a back-up power generator.

Click on the link on the Penn Broadband website and you will be redirected to Penn Broadband’s local speed test server.  An upstream and downstream connection speed will be provided. Caution: Using other speed test servers may not provide accurate results.

There are many variables that can affect Internet speed including the version or type of computer hardware and software you are using, the type of wireless router used, the number of in-home devices and the particular websites being accessed.

Although internet speeds are not guaranteed, Penn Broadband’s fiber optic network provides superior capabilities when compared to the offerings of the cable, satellite and DSL providers.  In most cases, Penn Broadband will deliver the advertised upstream and downstream speed when testing to the Penn Broadband speed test server.

Wi-Fi is a wireless networking technology that uses radio waves to provide wireless high-speed Internet and network connections within the home.

The location of the your wireless router is key to good signal coverage, but the Wi-Fi signal can also be affected by microwave ovens, cordless phones, and florescent lights.

Managed Wi-Fi is a service where your wireless router is provided, managed and supported by Penn Broadband for a nominal monthly fee.