PENN BROADBAND provides service in portions of Susquehanna and Wayne Counties, call to see if coverage is available in your area

All the Internet, None of the Hassle.

With Managed Wi-Fi from Penn Broadband you no longer have to rely on the neighborhood geek to keep your Internet up and running.

Managed Wi-Fi - $10 /month

We are excited to offer industry-leading Penn Broadband Managed Wi-Fi.

The Penn Broadband Managed Wi-Fi program includes professional, customized installation and maintenance of the fastest Wi-Fi technology available.

Penn Broadband Managed Wi-Fi
  • Managed Wi-Fi Router
  • Full network support included
  • Covers installation and testing
$10.00 per month

Call for details | 1.888.785.7795

Here’s why the Penn Broadband Managed Wi-Fi service outclasses other Wi-Fi routers.

    Leave the networking to us.
    • Penn Broadband provides the hardware, installation, configuration, and ongoing maintenance. When you sign up, we assess optimum locations in your home to provide you with reliable connections and speeds you expect.

    We offer the fastest Wi-Fi technology available.
    • Penn Broadband Managed Wi-Fi provides carrier class dual-band operation in the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz frequency bands. It operates at 802.11ac rates, can be access point enhanced and supports the latest signal steering technology.

    Proper installs are important but proper testing is essential.
    • Penn Broadband technicians will install Wi-Fi and test to ensure that signal strength and connectivity are optimized by mitigating interference and optimizing device settings. Our goal is to provide solid performance.

    Penn Broadband Managed Wi-Fi can be expanded with Access Point Wi-Fi technology.
    • Very large homes or businesses may have areas that exceed the signal capabilities of a single router. For installations that require Wi-Fi to cover large areas, we can use access point units to expand the Wi-Fi signal.
    • The access point units connect to the main router to provide network-assisted steering technology to provide optimum coverage and seamless connectivity. Advanced technology allows the access point units to avoid the limitations and drawbacks of traditional Wi-Fi extenders.
    • Access points Wi-Fi units can be added for $5.00/month. Call 888-785-7795 for more details.

    Penn Broadband Managed Wi-Fi offers unique cloud management tools.
    • These tools offer a huge advantage over unmanaged routers. As part of the Penn Broadband Managed Wi-Fi program, Penn Broadband technicians can use these cloud-based tools to examine the quality of the connection to an individual device on your network.
    • Penn Broadband manages your network. If you ever need help with your Internet connection, we can use the cloud tools to quickly gather all the information we need to help you.
Penn Broadband Managed Wi-Fi makes it possible for us to provide our customers the best possible online experience. Call 888-785-7795 today for more information.